Atlas Mad Trapper Snowshoe Series
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Flatter Course Map and Elevation
The "Flatter" Course: In the early days I used to promote 2 different races, the "Flat" Course and the "Hilly" Course, but too many people yelled at me after running the Flat Course, saying it wasn't flat at all.

This is the Ark and the Gatineau Hills after all!

So yes, the Flatter Course does have some hills, but it's the flattest I could come up given the terrain I have access to!

This course starts with the shortest possible uphill of all the options, but it will leave you a "bit" winded nonetheless. But once you've made it you get to cruise through my 400m "Beer Mile" loop, which really is fairly flat.

Then you get to descend a decent descent! Once at the bottom, the real flat stuff appears!

First you cruise through the horse meadow. Then back into the woods for a few hundred meters more of single track, then it's back into my neighbour's perfectly flat hay field.

Leaving the field, you'll find yourself running on some uneven terrain with a couple of small creek crossings (you can easily jump or step across them).

Then there is a couple hundred meters of easy straight forward double track running before finishing up with 2k of twisty-turny single track.
And yes, with just under 1k to go, there is a fairly significant climb... 

But don't complain, because it's less than half of the full hill, which you get to do the complete version of at the "Hilly" Race.

As all our events, the course finishes with a steep and fun downhill.

Broadhead Beer and lasagna will be awaiting finishers!
The Hilly Course
The much celebrated...

The much revered...

The much cursed.... HILLY COURSE!

The title says it all. This race starts with a 400m climb, and then pretty much continues to go uphill from there!

Legend has it, that despite starting and ending at the very same place, there are no flat or downhill sections at all.

A course designed by M.C. Esher himself, this course continues to spiral upward until it returns to its origin!
As always, there will be options...

We will have the Solefit 5k event which is a single loop of the Hilly Course.

We will also have the Atlas 10k event, which is 2 loops of the Hilly Course.

But new to this event, the Mad Trapper has decided to show mercy and is introducing the Ottawa Outdoors 3k event. This will be approximately half of the 5k course, and although there will be some elevation change, the course cuts off before the big climb up "Mad Trapper Mountain".

Regardless of what race you choose to enter, the will be an awesome feast waiting for you at the finish line.
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